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We write reviews for schools publications and also for our own displays. Here is a selection of reviews that we have written over the last few months – we are sure you’ll find something that grabs your attention!

Seaglass by Eloise Williams – cover reveal!

'She will come for you.' Lark struggles to settle when her Roma family moves to a new site by the sea. Her mother is ill, her little sister Snow isn’t talking and she has fallen out with her best friend. She distracts herself looking for sea glass on the foggy beach. But is someone following her? Who is the figure that Snow keeps drawing, the girl in green? Do the locals who tell them to leave the site just hate travellers, or is there something about the history of the beach that Lark needs to find out? A story that perfectly combines the chill of a ghost story with the warmth of a family tale about standing up for each other and being brave.
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