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We write reviews for schools publications and also for our own displays. Here is a selection of reviews that we have written over the last few months – we are sure you’ll find something that grabs your attention!

Thornhill, by Pam Smy

2017: As she unpacks boxes in the bedroom of her new house, Ella catches a glimpse of a crumbling, forsaken house beyond the overgrown garden she sees from her window. At night however, one small light goes on in the attic window; despite the barbed-wire and the...

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Celestine and the Hare

If you haven’t yet found these beautiful little books, pick one up and have a look. We’ve never found a book so small that is so warm and so heartbreakingly profound. The creatures in the delightful little tribe have lives that revolve around the tiny pleasures that the world can offer – and around the power of kindness. If the next generation grows up knowing these stories, then there is hope.

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Fish Boy, by Chloe Daykin

Every now and then you read a book that is quite unlike anything else you’ve read, and Chloe Daykin has written something extraordinary and wonderful. As a writer she has a powerful and individual voice. Fish Boy is a book about individuality and the need, occasionally, to take a leap of faith. It is also about trust, love and the importance of difference.

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Gaslight, by Eloise Williams

Gaslight is the second novel by Eloise Williams, and it is a proper cracker of a story, a hugely exciting gas-lit romp through seedy Victorian theatre life. It is beautifully written, with both atmosphere and elegance, well-researched – and totally gripping!

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