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Welcome to Hob’s Blog! Kenilworth Books has existed for 50 years, and between the team, we have been booksellers for 14 of them! So there are plenty of things that we like to chat about, from new developments going on in the book industry, to our love of illustration and graphic novels. We want to engage writers and readers in discussion, so have a browse of our blog posts and join the conversation.


Exclusive discounts? We need to talk about hardback fiction

When a new hardback book by a popular author, like the forthcoming The Book of Dust by Philip Pullman, is first published, it is often launched with very heavy discounts – often 50% or more. Why?! A heavy discount implies that something is of less value than its cover price. There is no other area of retail that does this. You wouldn’t go to a high street clothes shop and expect all the new season colours and fashions to be half price.

Burning Bright – The Power of Graphic Novels

For decades the Graphic Novel was felt to be the reserve of the nerdy and of those who couldn’t face a ‘proper book’. But Graphic Novels have an important place in our cultural canon both in this country, and as a genre that links cultures across the world. Will...



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